KMC-Kootrac manufacturers a specialized High Speed Steel Track Vehicle specifically designed for wildland forestry fire suppression work.  The tank module is also available as an optional seasonal attachment to convert some models of the KMC Skidder for forestry wildfire suppression work.

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Cast Steel track pads, connected with patented rubber-brushed steel pins, permit track flexibility while preventing metal-to-metal wear and track contamination from soils.


Ten torsion bars attached individually to roadarms provide the sprung suspension. Each set of road wheels can move up and down independently, there-by allowing the tracks to conform to uneven surfaces.


Because of the forward mounting of the power train, and the machine's ability to carry the load or mount an attachment well forward on the machine, the combined weight of the vehicle and its payload is spread over the entire length of the tracks.

The KMC 210FT is designed for total versatility in "Wild Fire" applications requiring an All-Terrain, All-Weather Fire Suppressant machine. The traction, speed, flotation and low ground pressure are an ideal combination for working on muskeg, sensitive soils or steep slopes.



Maximum Payload: 35,000 lbs (15,783 kg)
Maximum Weight on Vehicle: 23,000 lbs (10,431kg)
Gross Vehicle Weight: 46250 lbs (21,023 kg)

Ground pressure:
4.69psi at 0" soil penetration
4.24psi at 6" soil penetration

  • Initial Attack or Mop-Up
  • Off Highway Fire Fighting
  • Water Tanker
  • Silviculture/Site Preparation
  • Hydro-Seeder
  • Agriculture
  • Fertilizer Sprayer
  • Basic "mounting rail rear frame
  • 7 1/2 x 10' flat deck
  • Custom attachment, on the deck/rail system or on the front of the Carrier.
  • KMC Torsion Bar Suspension trailer available
  • 4-Way Hydraulic Tilt Dozer/Brush Blade
  • 6-Way Hydraulic Angle/Tilt Dozer/Brush Blade
  • Winch


Track and Suspension

High speed tracks have wide, wear resistant steel shoes connected by rubber-bushed steel pins for flexibility, durability and ease of servicing. KMC's unique sprung suspension features five dual steel road wheels supporting each track.  Each dual wheel is individually sprung with its own torsion bar and travels up and down independently of other wheels, allowing the track to mold to uneven surfaces. Results: Greater tractive efficiency and a smooth ride at higher speeds.

Structural Features

A one piece, welded unitized box beam chassis is designed to withstand torsional stresses of work on rough terrain. A smooth steel belly pan offers full bottom protection and provides a 19" (483 mm) ground clearance. A Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) gives protection to the operator.

Equalized Weight Distribution

The heavier power train components of the 210 are located forward on the vehicle and help counter balance the weight of the load. Thus, the combined vehicle and load weight is spread over the entire length of the tracks for improved vehicle balance, better traction, floatation, and reduced ground pressure (less than 5 psi - 32.27 kPa - unloaded).

The Fire Suppression Tanker Assembly is designed for mounting onto the 200 Series FMC and 2000 Series KMC "Soft Track" Vehicles. The machine is designed to assist in all types of Forest Fire applications from initial attack to mop-up. The uniqueness of the unit will prove itself with its 1100 imperial gallon (1300 US gallon) tank and the ability to work on very severe slopes up to 60% or on wet/boggy soils. This unit goes where other conventional machinery cannot. With four rear mounted, lay flat hose outlets and a forward mounted outlet to allow the operator to extinguish spot fires while traveling, makes for a very effective Fire Fighting Unit. "FIRE TRACKER" is also equipped with a foam application system to give the machine far more impact when working in the field.

Equipped with a separate load pump that can load the "FIRE TRACKER" in 5 minutes, there is no job on the fire line that we cannot help but make easier and more efficient. With our travel speeds of up to 15 miles an hour we can get anywhere you need to in a very short time, whether you are fighting a fire or using the unit as a water transfer machine.

The fabricated, steel tank holds 1100 imperial gallons (1300 U.S. gallons) and is designed to sit flat on the rear deck which, in turn, produces a very low center of gravity. Two (2) storage compartments are mounted lengthwise on the tank top to carry extra hoses, tools, and materials.

It is equipped with two (2) gasoline engine driven pumps - one(1) is high pressure for fire fighting, the other is high volume for tank loading. (see specs listed below) The system is also equipped with a 22 imperial gallon (26 U.S. gallon) foam retardant tank and dispenser which, when added to the water, increases the density  up to 10 times (this dispenser is adjustable to various degrees of mixture). (10:1 expansion rate:  i.e. 100 gallons water = 1000 gallons foam/water solution).

Quick Foam Facts: Class "A" Foam Solution

*3  - 5 times faster knockdown time
*20 times faster penetration

The machine is equipped with a Hi-Vis halogen light package which allows the machine to operate 24 hours/day

"FIRE TRACKER" Tank Unit Specifications

1300 U.S. Gallon - Steel Tank

WAJAX Model BB-4 High Pressure "Wildfire" Centrifical Pump - 4 Stage

18 H.P. Brigges & Stratton Engine: 2 Cylinder - 4 cycle
12 Volt Electric Start
Exhaust Primer
Discharge: 100 PSI @ 90 GPM (US) 75 GPM (IMP)
200 PSI @ 70 GPM (US) 58 GPM (IMP)

HONDA Model WP30X Volume Pump
5.5 HP/163 CC Displacement
Single Cylinder - 4 cycle
Manual Start/Self Printer
Discharge: 158 GPM (US) - 4 PSI
132 GPM (IMP)
264 GPM (US) - 5.5 PSI
220 GPM (IMP)

NORDIC Model 3900 - 23 - 28 Power Hose Reel
200' - 1" Hose
Electric Drive Motor
Capacity: 240' - 1" Hose, 135' - 1 1/2" Hose

Model 4071
c/w Matching Aspirating Nozzles


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