Vegetation Management

The KMC Mulcher and Brushcutter Vehicles are available as rear engine or front engine versions, on either the 1000 Series or larger 2000 Series chassis, fully hydrostatic and with available power between 200 and 450 HP.  Virtually any forestry mulcher or brushcutter make or model can be adapted to the carrier.  This is the perfect High Speed carrier for utility and forestry vegetation management work.

KMC 2100H Rear Engine Carrier c/w Front Mounted FECON Mulcher


BEFORE                                                           AFTER   

KMC 1100H Rear Engine Carrier c/w Front-Mounted FAE Mulcher  

KMC Carrier c/w Rear Mulcher Attachment

KMC Carrier c/w Brushcutter mounted

Click the link below for our slideshow presentation on the
KMC Rear Engine Hydrostatic Drive High Speed Steel Tracked Carrier

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