#3600 Kootrac Swing Grapple


Kootrac 3600 (Swing Grapple) Track Skidder

With our specialized unique carrier, the possibilities are limitless. If you have a job that needs to be done, whether on steep slopes or wet, uneven terrain, we either have a machine to fit your needs or WE WILL Custom BUILD.

  • Maximum Payload: 35,000 lbs (15,783 kg)
  • Maximum Weight on Vehicle: 28,000lbs (12700kg) 
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 39,260lbs (17808kg)
  • John Deere Engine (6.8L -250HP)
  • MAIN HYDRAULIC PUMPS: Sauer-Danfoss 90 Series Axial Piston Variable Displacement Pumps c/w Electronic Controllers (100 cc displacement)
  • Poclain High Torque/Low Speed (HTLS) Motors, 233 cu in. displacement Two speed c/w Integral Fail Safe Brake 
  • HYDRAULIC PUMP DRIVE: Funk Three Pad Pump Drive  
  • HYDRAULIC OIL COOLERS: Custom Design for Extra Cooling Capacity (J D Radiator)  
  • DanFoss Electronic Joystick c/w multiple Electronic Functions
  • Danfoss Electronic Control Module Model DP600 Dual Axis Implement Controls
  • ROPS/FOPS/OPS certified
  • Fully Enclosed And Hydraulically Tilting
  • Air Conditioner/Heater 
  • Torsion bar suspension
  • Pre-stressed, Heat Treated Torsion Bars
  • Solid Mounted Anchors
  • Forged Road Arms
  • Cast Steel Reinforced Roadwheels & Idler Wheels    
  • Spoke Type Sprocket Carrier c/w Track Guide Slot 
  • Work Hardening In-Pitch Sprockets
  • Cast Steel Manganese Alloy Track Pads
  • Hardened Track Pin & Nuts
  • Natural Rubber Track Bushings
  • 5 Sets Dual Roadwheels per side 23” (610mm) Diameter
  • Track Shoe Width – 22” (559mm)    
  • 12 Volt 
  • Alternator – 130 amp
  • Starter – 12 Volt
  • Single Batteries – 1400 cca each 
  • DanFoss 45 Series Pump – 75cc
  • Proportional Valve with Electronic Actuators
  • Light Kit
  • LED Light System   

Forest service approved

Dry Type c/w Pre-Cleaner

  • Computer Monitored Digital Gauges/Indicators
  • Includes Tachometer, Hour Meter, Volt Meter, Fuel/Water Temperature, Engine Oil Pressure, Hydraulic Oil Temperature
  • Air Filter – Restriction Indicator
  • Rear Cameras
  • Grapple Cameras    
  • Arch Grapple
  • Drill Rig
  • Crane

And much more!