KMC 1600


12’ of reach, 140° swivel.  This machine adds added versatility by allowing the operator to move the boom sideways to grab out of reach timber, maneuver it around obstacles, or to shift the weight of the machine when on soft/wet ground and steep slopes. This machine is more suited for steep slopes and felled wood then the conventional arch grapple.

  • Maximum Payload: 28,000 Lbs. (12,700 Kg)
  • Maximum Weight on Vehicle: 16,800 Lbs. (15,161 Kg) 
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 26,280 Lbs. (11,921 Kg)
  • Ground Pressure: 6.03 Psi At 0” Soil Penetration
  • Grapple: Young Model 172 With 90" Bunching Tongs 
  • Available in Hydrostatic Drive
  • Engine: Standard - Cummins 6BTA5.9 174HP
  • Final Drive: Planetary
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 45 to 70 gal (205 to 318L)
  • Engine: Rpm, Hours, Coolant Temperature, Oil Pressure
  • Transmission: Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure
  • Differential: Oil Temperature
  • Battery: Amp Meter
  • Other: Low Fuel, Parking Brake 
  • Suspension: Torsion Bar Sprung, Independent Road Wheels
  • Road Wheels: 100% Cast Steel, 5 Sets of Dual Wheels Per Side, 24" (610mm) Dia.
  • Track: Manganese Alloy Cast Steel with Rubber - Bushed Pins, 22" (559mm) Wide
  • Sprockets: Hardox 400 Steel

1st Gear: 2.2 mph/3.54 kph

2nd Gear: 4.6 mph/7.40kph

3rd Gear: 8.0 mph/12.87 kph

4th Gear: 14.5 mph/23.33 kph

  • Oil Cooler for Differential and Transmission
  • Two Stage Air Cleaner
  • Windshield Wiper and Washer
  • Fire Extinguisher (2 X 5lb)
  • Horn and Back-Up Alarm
  • Tool Box And Tools: Track Jacks, Road Arm Lifter, Slide Hammer and Pin Punch
  • Operator/Service Manual and Parts Books